Monday, April 16, 2007

Major Mark-Up!

"Lemon Marilyn," a 1962 painting by famous American artist Andy Warhol may go for 60,000 times its purchase price at an auction this May. Quite the return on a modest investment!
Over four decades ago, a U.S. collector bought the painting for $250 at Warhol's first one-man exhibition at Eleanor Ward's Stable Gallery in New York. Next month, the private collector could well get $15 million for it in a New York auction sponsored by Christie's of London.
Obsessed with the tragic celebrity, Warhol painted thirteen portraits of Marilyn shortly after her suicide, each in a different predominant color. Eight of them were offered for sale at Warhol's debut exhibition. In 2006, "Orange Marilyn" went for $16.3 million, so the $15 prediction may be conservative.
Hmm. What budding artists do I know that will one day reach Warhol stature? I may want to snap up a work or two before I have to pay millions for the privilege of hanging one on the wall!


Sally Bradley said...

Orange lemon went for over 16 mil? I'm so thinking lemon will go for more.

Me, I don't think I'd spend a penny for those! I know, I have no taste!

Sally Bradley said...

Whoops. Why do I always find my typos the second I hit send? Make that Orange Marilyn. Duh.

Jill said...

I agree with your "taste," Sally. I'm not big into Warhol, but he obviously commands big bucks.