Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who Would You Tell?

This blog entry has nothing to do with art or art theft or even books, but it's something on my heart, and it does involve using words. I'd really like to hear your answers.

Challenge Question: If you could tell anyone in the world about the love of God and the salvation offered through Jesus Christ, and you were guaranteed five minutes of their undivided attention, who would you tell and why?

Bonus Challenge: Give us a sample of the words that are in your heart for them.

Mine would be Osama bin Laden. A change of heart in him would rock militant Islam to its core.

I want to tell him that I understand he believes his cause is from God, but that the true test of what comes from God is in its fruit. If grace and mercy are extended, if love, joy, and peace flow, if holy living springs from love toward God, and if hearts are transformed without force or manipulation, then God is in it.

I'd also like to assure him that forgiveness for absolutely anything is a free gift to the repentant heart because Someone has already paid the price for the sins of the whole world. However, without putting faith in that One--Jesus Christ--there is no salvation. Anyone is eligible, but everyone must choose.

So now that I've shared, who is on your heart? And it doesn't have to be anyone famous or important (by the world's standard), just whoever first popped to mind when you read my initial question.

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