Monday, November 26, 2007

For Parents Only - Book Giveaway!

"For every bewildered parent, there's a kid longing to be understood."

Shaunti Feldhahn is a name that's long been known for her relationship help books. Now this nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and public speaker has teamed up with Lisa A. Rice, associate editor of Christian Living magazine, to bring parents a vital communication manual. FOR PARENTS ONLY: Getting Inside the Head of Your Kid is a compact stick of dynamite that will blow down communication barriers between you and your kids.

And I've got two copies to GIVE AWAY! Read on to find out how you can qualify for the drawing.

Check out these great chapter teasers:

Taking a tour inside your kids head and heart.
Why even good kids go crazy for freedom and how to restore sanity.
Why your child suddenly treats you like an alien--and acts like one too.
The Good Thing About Being a Bad Guy: Why your child secretly hopes you'll stand your ground.
Don't these just wet your appetite for more? One of the niftiest things about this book is that it's short, sweet, and to the point. The authors present their well-researched material concisely, clearly and with compassionate passion for their topic. Keep reading to find out how you can win one just in time to head off unneeded extra holiday hassle with your kids.


Shaunti Feldhahn is the author of For Women Only and numerous other books, with sales totaling nearly one million copies. A nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and public speaker, Feldhahn earned her master’s degree at Harvard University. She and her husband, Jeff, have two young children. Lisa A. Rice is the associate editor of Christian Living magazine, the mother of two teenage girls, and a screenwriter and producer.

Buy it now!

Win it now! Reply to this post with either a typical hassle between you and your kids (one you'd like help with) OR an example of a way that works for you in communicating with your kids. Simply responding with "count me in the drawing" won't cut it. Let's get some communication going!


windycindy said...

Hello, I am the mother of two teenage boys. I am the minority in a house of men! I would love some advice on being the mother of two boys. Sometimes, the biggest conflict I have with my sons is over their girlfriends! The proper way to treat them and the improper way. Everyone is a human being. Please enter me in the contest to win this book! Thanks,Cindi :)

angelaandconnor at said...

Oh man. I have alot of little cousins whom I spent ALOT of time with. I really have the most conflict when Im forced into talking anything that involves the other sex with them. Usually Im the go to girl with "relationship problems" as Im the youngest of the "older" cousins. I also have a 7 month old son and I'm dreading his girlfriends already!! LOL

Ill blog ya tommorrow as well :

zamejias said...

Hi! My kid has just turned 2 the other week. So you can just imagine that I'm groping the rope to better communication and making most of the lack of it. I'm not sure if it's tackled in the book but I would want help in effective delivery of my message regarding behavior or proper behavior. I am in dire need for positive ways to teach him about good manners and proper behavior.

Jill said...

Hi, Zamejias:

The Feldhahn/Rice book is more for older kids, but there are oodles of resources on interacting with young children. Perhaps a search on would reveal some good titles.

However, you are entered in the drawing for one of the F/R books. Your two-year-old will be a teen before you know it!


Maria V said...

I have been having a problem with my only girl who I caught looking at nude pics on the internet. She's only a freshman in high school and I wonder how to approach it to keep her knowing I'm still her mom but am still the boss of the house. Maybe this book will give me some suggestions.

Jill said...

Maria V, I'd love to send you a copy of this book. Your name was drawn from the hat. I will need a way to contact you, though. I hope you see this and get back to me with a mailing address. You can send that to me privately from my Contact page. Thanks!

Jason and Caryn said...

I have a 5 month old so I am definitely entering so I can read it for the future (I know it's for teens).

Right now of course my little boy just coos and babbles but I want to teach him sign language so that we can communicate earlier (before he actually begins to talk).

I'll let you decide if you want to enter me. : )