Friday, December 07, 2007

Got Time to Meet a Christian Superhero?

Batman. Superman. Spiderman. The Incredible Hulk. The Fantastic Four. Ever wanted to read a book about Christian super-heroes for once? Well, Frank Creed has granted your wish in his sci-fi novel, Flashpoint.

Picture Michael J. Fox cast as a Neo-like figure (a la The Matrix) fighting for righteousness in a Christian-hunting fascist society, and you will have a rough idea of the main character in Flashpoint. And this dude is surrounded by others like him but with different gifts, including his cyber-whiz sister. Special effects techs would have a field day making this one into a movie.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book for its high tech action spiced with glimpses of the supernatural realm of the spirit that surrounds us and plays big in the outcome of our every day lives, much less in the lives of freedom-fighters in this potential world of the future. Little wonder Creed's book won an Elfie award for best sci-fi novel of 2006.

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Frank Creed said...

I'm so pleased you found Flashpoint's action-pacing and setting entertaining. Some people see Christian sci-fi as a contradiction in terms, but IMHO, near-future dystopian fiction is the perfect genre for Christ's second coming. Flashpoint: The Role Playing Game, set in 2036 Chicago with all it's high tech toys is due out in 08. Fiction's first job is to entertain, but this will be a fun tool for both decipleship and evangelism. Very exciting.