Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monet and van Gogh Recovered!

See my blog from last Friday for the scoop on a daring theft by armed robbers from a Zurich museum. The thieves made off with four paintings: a Cezanne, a Degas, a van Gogh, and a Monet. The news reported yesterday that "Blooming Chestnust Branches" by Vincent van Gogh and "Poppy Field at Vetheuil" by Claude Monet were recovered unharmed from the back seat of an unlocked car in the parking lot outside a mental hospital only a few hundred yards from the scene of the crime!

The recovered paintings are valued at $64 million. Still missing are "Boy in the Red Waistcoat" by Paul Cezanne and "Ludovic Lepic and His Daughter" by Edgar Degas. The Cezanne alone is appraised at $91 million, the most valuable painting in the museum.

Authorities continue to search for these paintings and the thieves. Any information can be reported to Interpol.

What were the thieves thinking to abandon two of the paintings almost immediately? Or were they thinking at all when they took the art? What they still have on their hands is going to be torture to get rid of for any kind of profit. Maybe they actually belong inside the hospital where they left half of their ill-gotten gains!


Blissful said...

That's why the news provides such meaty ideas for mysteries and other such suspense! And then a mental hospital in play as well. WOw, perfect scenerio here for the cozy mystery writer.

RebornButterfly said...

how funny!
you'd think the thieves would be a bit smarter than that!

lollipops said...

I saw this on Yahoo news, read it and thought of you and your books.

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