Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Massive Book Giveaway - Including Copy of My December Release!

The Book Club Network has gathered over 100 authors to celebrate the launch of their new digital magazine. The celebration is being called “The Signature Library Contest” and they are going to be awarding over 150 books to people chosen at random from their new subscriber lists. The interesting aspect of the contest is that the winners will be picking out their books from an impressive list of new releases. The first place contestant will have their choice of 30 titles from this impressive list; second place will pick 20 titles; 5 third place winners will pick 10 books from the list and there will be many runner up books awarded. All of these titles (that will be listed in the magazine in November) will be signed by the author and mailed to the winners. More details will be in the November issue of Book Fun Magazine that will be out October 27th 2012. How does one enter into the contest? It is a simple matter of subscribing to the magazine at www.bookfunmagazine.com and this is a FREE subscription. There are well written articles and links to author pages in the current magazine, so read the magazine and enjoy, while entering for the chance to choose your own library of signature editions. The winners will be chosen before the end of November and will be listed in the December issue, of the magazine which will be released the last weekend of November. Look for more contests and giveaways at Book Fun Magazine, published by The Book Club Network (TBCN) where book fun begins!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for spreading the word! I was already a subscriber, and I rewally like what the Book CLub Network is doing. Thanks again!